São Paulo in statistics

Being an ex-mathematician I'm a big fan of statistics so here are a few on São Paulo that I found interesting and that may surprise you:

  1. With 470 registered choppers São Paulo has the largest fleet of helicoptors in the world ahead of Tokyo and New York. Source: Estadão
  2. The average traffic jams on Friday evenings is 180km (112 miles) and as long as 295km (183 miles) on bad days according to local traffic engineers. Source: Forbes
  3. Despite the traffic jams São Paulo continues to experience ever increasing traffic circulation and surpassed 7m vehicles in March 2011. Source: Detran SP
  4. As of summer 2012 there are 27 jetskis per kilometre of coastline and two new jetskis are bought per day in São Paulo state. That equates to 16,643 jetskis up 52,7% from the year 2000. Source: Capitania dos Portos de São Paulo
  1. There are 5,644 skyscrapers meaning it is the 5th city with most high-rise buildings in the world behind Hong Kong, New York, Chicago and Singapore. Source: Emporis
  2. São Paulo is the 7th most populous city in the world defined according to the concept of city proper (an urban locality without its suburbs). The cities ahead of it in order of population are: Shanghai, Karachi, Istanbul, Mumbai, Beijing and Moscow. Source: Wikipedia & IBGE 2010 Census data
  3. São Paulo state has 645 municipalities and a population of approximately 40 million inhabitants. Source: Forbes
  4. 10 new people come to live in São paulo every hour 
  5. There are 77 different shopping malls, including the largest mall in Latin America – the Centro Comercial Aricanduva which boasts 500 stores. Source: Forbes
  6. In 2013/2014, São Paulo state expects to harvest 296,800,000 boxes of oranges weighing 40 kilo each. Source: CONAB
  7. There are 2,9 million dogs and 580,000 cats living in São Paulo. Source: Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária USP 
  8. The famous Avenida Paulista is 2800 metres long and is estimated to receive 1,5million pedestrians every single day which means that this street alone will see more people traffic in one day than the entire population of Recife, Belém or Porto Alegre. Source: Veja
  1. The GDP of São Paulo in 2011 was larger than the combined GDPs of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay
  2. São Paulo was the world's 10th richest city in 2008 with one GDP Purchase Power Parity of $388 billion and will be the 6th in 2025 only behind Tokyo, New York City, Los Angeles, London and Chicago Source: PWC 
  3. São Paulo now has 26 dollar billionaires making São Paulo 6th ranked in the world, before Los Angeles and Tokyo.  Source: Forbes
  4. The only billionaire football club in Brazil is Corinthians Source: Forbes
  5. The São Paulo Big Mac is the fourth most expensive in the world Source: Forbes via The Guardian
  6. More than 90,000 business events and ocnferences are organized in São Paulo per year Source: Forbes
  7. São Paulo's stock exchange is Latin America’s largest Stock Exchange Source: Forbes
  1. São Paulo has 12,500  restaurants, including more pizzerias than any city worldwide Source: Forbes
  2. São Paulo is home to the largest Japanese diaspora in the world. There are 1.5 million people of Japanese origin living in SP. Source: Forbes
  3. São Paulo is home to the world’s largest gay parade. According to the organizers, 3.5 million people attended the 17th Gay Pride parade on June 2, 2013. Source: Forbes
  4. The city has 90 museums 54 parks and green areas. Source: Forbes
  1. Contrary to popular opinion São Paulo has greatly reduced homicide rates over the last few years dropping from 60,2 homicides per 100,000 people right down to 15,6 per 100,000 in 2010. Whilst Brazil as a whole has been stable São Paulo state has gone from having the 5th highest homicide rate to the 25th out of of 27 states, only Piauí and Santa Cantarina have lower ones.  Source: Instituo Sangari
  2. More than 1 in 3 of all Brazilian prisoners are currently held in São Paulo state jails. Source: CNJ (Conselho Nacional de Justiça)
Other Interesting Stats
  1. In June 2011 the US consular staff in São Paulo were reported to be processing an average of 2,300 visas every single day, more than any other U.S. consulate in the world. Source: Time
  2. There are 7 lightning strikes per square kilometre per year  in São Paulo and it has the highest lightning  mortality rate in the country which itself leads the global lightning strike league ahead of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the US and Australia. Source: INPE
  3. Sao Paulo is the only capital in the world with more than one Tiffany store
  4. The state of Sao Paulo has 22 per cent of all scientists in the country. Source: FAPESP
  5. As of June 2012 São Paulo is the 4th most tweeting city in the world behind Jakarta, London and Tokyo. Source: Semiocast
  6. Since the 1950s, the average temperature in the city has risen by 1.5°c according to USP university.
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