About Discovering São Paulo

A collection of impressions and insights on São Paulo written in English from a foreigner's perspective.

From street art, advertising, fashion and sport to architecture, transport and food, Discovering São Paulo aims to highlight lesser known sides of São Paulo.

Sides that catch the eye, impress, surprise or horrify...

About São Paulo

São Paulo is a megalopolis, the largest city in Brazil, the largest in the Americas, and the largest in the Southern hemisphere.

It is the cultural and economic hub of both Brazil and Latin America. As complex as it is large, in many ways São Paulo can best be understood not merely as a city, but as a city of many cities.

About the authors

Pierre Larose, founder of DSP
The founder, Pierre Larose is a 34 year old mathematician turned marketeer. He has lived in various European countries and travelled extensively across Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas where he now lives.

Discovering São Paulo is a literal description of his new experiences in Brazil's business, cultural and gastronomical capital. This is his first and only blog.

Co-author Albert Knuth is a business owner, graffiti lover and São Paulo enthusiast who spends half his time in São Paulo and half in Berlin, Germany.

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