Monday, 12 January 2015

Learn Thai Yoga Massage in São Paulo

The traditional healing techniques of ancient Thailand may seem a long way away and indeed they are. But this February you can learn the secrets of Thai traditional massage right here in São Paulo and even get certified as a Level 2 practitioner.

Barbara Santos is a Brazilian therapist who lives and works in Thailand. In 2012 she founded Espaço Nibbana, a holistic therapy institution through which she aims to raise awareness of traditional Eastern therapies and in particular Thai Massage.

Although she now resides in Asia where she can live and breathe the traditional art of healing through massage, she regularly returns to hold seminars and encourage other therapists to delve deeper into Eastern holistic practices.

Thai Yoga Massage courses are coming to São Paulo

In February this year she will be returning to her homeland to teach some of her learnings via intensive weekend courses. Her schedule only allows for 3 Brazilian cities one of which, of course, is Sampa. In São Paulo, the course will be held at Casa Jaya in Pinheiros. Full details are available here or directly on Espaco Nibbana.

A great opportunity for those who wish to learn how to give a great professional and traditional massage!


Raheel Ali said...

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alex mark said...

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Johney Luke said...

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George said...

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