Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Identidade SP creates a logo for every São Paulo neighbourhood

You may not have noticed before but although the city has a coat of arms, the neighbourhoods of São Paulo do not. Or at least, they didn't until now.

Identidade SP have now created a logo design for each and every São Paulo neighbourhood. The initiative aims to creatively, rediscover the city through neighbourhood pride and etymology.  It has its inspiration in Pedro Campos, a graphic designer and photographer who dared to wonder what the name of his neighbourhood (Butantã) actually meant back in 2009. Once he had discovered its meaning he wanted to reflect it in a logo.

Soon he began researching other neighbourhoods and creating an emblem for each one as well as a simple webpage sharing information about its history and naming. Sé was the first neighbourhood quickly followed by Santa Ifigênia, Moema, Santo Amaro, Jaçanã, Pinheiros, Itaim Bibi, Higienópolis, Mooca, Canindé, Liberdade, Cambuci, Casa Verde, Pacaembu, Limão e Vila Madalena.

Pedro and his wife now curate the project and look after the Facebook fanpage. They still have a lot of work ahead of them (there are no less than 450 different neighbouorhoods in São Paulo) but even so plan to give a more practical use to the newly created logos. This year they will create souvenirs and clothing branded with the neighbourhood badges so you can wear your neighbourhood with pride.

Check out some of the designs already done:

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