Saturday, 6 December 2014

The site that maps São Paulo's hidden rivers

Rios invisíveis is a collaborative project launched this year which aims to map all of São Paulo's rivers and project them onto an online searchable graphic. It was born out of the EcoHack World, an environment-focused international initiative aiming to map, visualise and database environment related information.

Using official data from the municipality of São Paulo as a starting point, the aim is to get ordinary citizens to pool their collective knowledge of their neighbourhoods to further map where rivers run and where they used to run. As much of this information resides only in the memories of Paulistas and there are few other methods of recovering this historical information, the project has become known as invisible rivers or rios invisíveis in portuguese.

Are you a long time resident of your neighbourhood? Do you have a river to map? Just get in touch with the guys at Rios Invisíveis


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