Thursday, 20 November 2014

Canadian diplomat’s home in São Paulo “far too large and far too costly”

Too large and too costly

Apparently the official residence of the head of Canada’s mission to São Paulo will have to make way for a regular Apartment. This comes amid the effort by the Department of Foreign Affairs to rake in $80 million from selling off diplomatic estates worldwide. The official residence was apparently bought in 1985 for $424,000. We`d love to know where the house is located and what it goes for now. Seems like for some politicians in Canada, it is "too large and too costly"... oh my.

According to Metronewsa 2007 audit report by Foreign Affairs, the home has recently undergone extensive renovations: “The (residence) has undergone extensive work in the past two years, much of which was extremely disruptive to the (head of the mission),” the audit reads. “The final results are impressive however, and have resulted in a functional property which is effectively and appropriately used by the (head of mission) for hospitality activities.”

Metronews continues: In fact, Foreign Affairs thought it may be a little too impressive. Babcock wrote that the Sao Paulo residence was “far too large and far too costly” for Canadian taxpayers to stomach — although the department failed to provide cost estimates to Torstar News Service.“We believe that our operations abroad can be just as efficient and welcoming to guests, while keeping hard-working Canadian taxpayers top of mind,” Babcock wrote in the statement.

 The sale is part of a strategy, announced in the Conservatives’ budget in 2012, to “right size”foreign missions and sell off “high-cost, oversized and/or poorly located housing,” according to Foreign Affairs.


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