Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Brazilian football team hires a hypnotist

Portuguesa is a football team you might not have heard before although it is the fourth biggest side in São Paulo behind Corinthians, São Paulo FC and Plameiras. It recently hit the news however with an unusual addition to the backroom staff.

After a series of lacklustre performances Portuguesa decided to hire a hypnotist. The players now go through routines which include walking on glass and bending iron bars with their necks.

Tesser, the hypnotist claims: “I work with the human being, the man, and this is reflected on the pitch. If a player thinks he can bend iron and walk on glass, he can do anything in the game."
Unfortunately this has not stopped their losing streak, not even getting on the scoresheet in their last game. Who knows by Saturday they will have turned minds to scoring a few goals..

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