Tuesday, 7 October 2014

VIDEO: Documentary about the largest occupied building in São Paulo

Not new, but certainly still a very relevant documentary. The film makers follow the lives of the over 200 families that occupy the Mauá building, located at 354 Rua Mauá in the center of São Paulo.

Occupied since 2007, the building is at the centre of a movement to turn abandoned spaces into homes, by the Homeless Workers Movement (MSTC) and the Central Region House Movement (MMRC).

Just a few months ago and a few days before reaching the five-year occupation mark, the owner of the building initiated repossession proceedings. The city of São Paulo recently paid a deposit of 11 million Reais in a first step to acquire the building, ultimately planning to provide the inhabitants with humane housing conditions.

You can watch the full documentary with English subtitles here:

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