Friday, 4 July 2014

Nike Tiempo 94 Mid Jacquard São Paulo

Those of you who love the city of São Paulo will be glad to know Nike has launched a São Paulo specific shoe. The Nike Tiempo 94 Mid Jacquard São Paulo might sound like a bit of a mouthful but those are some neat looking trainers.

Timed to coincide with the world cup Nike has created a street trainer to fit the urban context of São Paulo. It's covered in light brown and beige tones with a white sole underneath.
The upperpart of the sneakers is based on a design which mimics the pavements of the city. They've not gone so far as to include the shape of the state logo but the colonial portuguese style tiles are unmistakeable. 
There's a removable tongue as well and a padded collar with Nike written right on the heel and a huge swoosh on the side drawn as a shadow over the paving pattern. 

How much? Well it`s not cheap but you can pick them up at for $150.

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I am not sure what You need this removable tongue :) ? Despite that the shoes are cool 5/6 in my opinion.

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