Saturday, 21 June 2014

Photos of empty São Paulo streets during world cup games

Have you ever wondered what the world outside is like when the whole city is glued to their TV sets watching the Brazil game?

Amateur photographer Robson Leandro da Silva has the answer. He went for a walk around the city during the Brazil-Mexico game and took these shots of the deserted streets of São Paulo. 

Sé, the main subway station, at 4pm
Sé Station at 4pm:
25 de Março Street, downtown, at 4h16 pm:
All photos were taken on an Iphone. For more check out his page on Flickr


Robson Leandro da Silva said...

Hi Pierre! Thaks to support and for publishing my photos in your blog. :)

Discovering Sao Paulo said...

You`re welcome Robson!

cdiane said...


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