Friday, 16 May 2014

São Paulo to be the third biggest recipient of World Cup tourist spend

The Ministry of Tourism has released expected spend figures for tourists visiting the country during the world cup. The total is a staggering 6.7billion reais and I suspect it would be much higher if the informal economy was built in.

The figures, which are broken down by city, show that São Paulo will be the third biggest recipient behind Rio and Fortaleza.

The fact that São Paulo ranks so high despite not being a tourist destination is explained in part by the higher prices here compared to many of the other host cities. Other factors include the number of tourists passing through due to it having the country´s main international airport as well as the high profile nature of the games it is hosting.

Although it is not fashionable to say it, the costs, which don't include flights or tickets, would already be enough to cover the bill of 11 of the 12 stadiums which were built for the event. And that doesn't take into account the potentially greater financial return of the stadiums, namely, profits for a multidude of Brazilian businesses, the creation of thousands of direct jobs and the, albeit questionable, legacy of the infrastructure.

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