Monday, 12 May 2014

Map: The Rivers of São Paulo

Today, we take a look at a hydrographic map of São Paulo.

It's not the way the city usually presents itself to us and we can see that, tucked in behind the concrete and tower blocks, there are far more rivers and creeks around us than normally meet the eye.

The river that you can see running East to West is the Tietê and athough its source in the Serra do Mar is only 20km from the coast, due to the undulating landscape it is forced to meander south towards São Paulo and through the city, draining 6 sub basins along the way and providing electricity as it passes through various dams and hydroelectric plants.

Hydrographic map of São Paulo city (click to enlarge)

The map is an ongoing open source project which you can visit and edit if you spot a river or stream that is missing.

Simply click on the following link and edit away:
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