Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Get to know São Paulo's New Airport

It didn't get much news coverage but São Paulo's third airport (fourth if you include Viracopos, Campinas) has been approved by the central government. Here's what we know so far:

  • It's going to be an international airport unlike Congonhas which has had the city grow around it and is no longer considered suitable for larger planes.
  • It will be located in the city of Caieiras. Here's the Google Maps link if you don't know where that is. 
  • Now you've looked up Caeieiras we can agree that it will be a pain to get to and will likely have no train or metro link until long after Guarulhos finally does.
  • It will apparently be christened with the following outlandish and overtly Brazilian name: New Airport São Paulo
  • Total number of runways: 2, both 3,5km long
  • Size of passenger terminal: 340,000 sq m
  • Size of cargo terminal: 70,000 sq m
  • Expected yearly capacity: 48million passaengers per year (for reference Guarulhos is 34 million)
  • Total cost: 5.3bn reais (US$2.25bn). Ouch.

    But before you get excited, you should note that as yet no date has been fixed for its finalisation and, given that in Brazil even when a date is fixed it is an almost certainty that it will move a few years down the line, please don't hold your breath.

    Or, as the President herself eloquently put it ""We will resolve the issue of having three airports in São Paulo. ​It will take place soon but I don't know the exact date,"

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