Monday, 13 January 2014

São Paulo's monorail in testing and ready to launch within 2 months

Testing São Paulo’s new monorail

Progress is often made in small steps and such is the case of São Paulo's Line 15 (Silver). Last week the first tests were made on the new monorail line, the first stretch of which is due to open in March 2014 and which will eventually run 27km across the city.

In true São Paulo style, it lacks no ambition. It will have taken quite some time to build but will still be the world's largest monorail and if that isn't enough it will also carry the highest number of passengers of any monorail system, shifting almost 50,000 people in each direction every single hour. 

Here are some more facts on the Silver line:

Number of operational trains planned: 54

Number of stations: 18 

Planned full system opening date: 2015.

Total construction cost: $6.4 billion 

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