Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Only in São Paulo; A hotel for Bonsai

Logo Bonsai Kai

Over in Jardim Petropolis, in the state of São Paulo, is a hotel called Bonsai Kai. But this particular hotel is not for holidaying tourists. It is, as the name suggests, for bonsai.

Bonsai Tree
It also doubles up as a hospital for those bonsai that not only require a hotel stay but also some medical treatment. Daily rates depend on the size of the tree varying between  R$ 2-8 for the hotel and R$ 3-10 for the hospital.

And in case you think it is a fad or a publicity stunt, you'll be happy to learn it has actually  been around since 1995 and the hotel is thriving with an average of 40 trees sleeping there per night! Whether this is driven by the huge local japanese population or by something else, one thing is clear; there is definitely a market for the bonsai hotel.

Bonsai Tree Picture

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