Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Corinthians football club launches an official funeral service

It's not the first time Corinthians has had a mention on this blog but neither is it every day that a football club launches a funeral service. 

Capitalising on its huge and often fanatical following, Corinthians has decided to team up with funeral service company Memorial to come up with a package complete with branded coffin, official wreath in club colours as well as the playing of the club anthem at the memorial service.

Under the deal the São Paulo football club pockets 7% of the proceeds of every funeral service sold.

If you're interested you can book your funeral here:

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Why São Paulo is a leader in paradiplomacy

Back in March São Paulo signed an agreement with the US, the first time a subnational entity in the Southern Hemisphere enters a legal arrangement with the US government. Last week the British were in town and also established bilateral relations with São Paulo. Canada, France, Germany are next in line.

The recognition of São Paulo as a political and economic force is now such that it is common for countries to have more staff on their payroll in São Paulo than at embassies in Brasília. Even more impressive, São Paulo as a city has the largest consular corps in the world barring New York. These are the signs of a strong paradiplomatic leader or, in other words, a region strong enough to hold foreign relations independently of the nation in which it is located, in this case Brazil. The reason is simple: economic power.

São Paulo if it were a country would be the 19th richest in the world, ahead of every country in South America with the obvious exception of Brazil itself. And globalisation means that even if national level politics dictates a certain direction it is in São Paulo’s interest as a region to own its own relationships and negotiate independently what might be in its specific economic interest.

The result is hyper regional diplomacy. Putting that in numbers, a recent article by the Council on Foreign Relations found that Geraldo Alckmin, incumbent governor of São Paulo, has “signed more international agreements (50 per year), received more foreign delegations (on average 450 per year), and managed more international cooperation programs (150) than any other regional governor in Latin America”. In fact with the exception of President Dilma Rousseff herself, Alckmin receives more heads of state and government than any Latin American leader.

And on a practical level it doesn’t only mean that projects such as public transport construction receives more foreign assistance or study abroad programs become common. It also means São Paulo gains international visibility and assumes a leadership position. As the city’s motto says, Non ducor duco (I am not led, I lead) and, already, Angola has copied São Paulo’s public housing program; Macedonia has installed its IT program; and Mexico has replicated its biofuels policy.

Look out for the states of Rio de Janeiro or Minas Gerais following in São Paulo’s footsteps in the near future...

Monday, 7 October 2013

VIDEO: Wallpaper's city short on São Paulo

video são paulo
As you would expect from Wallpaper the video they produced on São Paulo is a thoughtful pondering of the city from a design and architectural standpoint.

The clip itself is shot by Paulistano Marcelo Galvão and is a meandering collection of personal thoughts and reflections on urban aesthetics, energy and utility by architects Letícia Nobell and Trytique and designers Fernando and Humberto Campana.

Whilst I don't necessarily agree with everything they say, it is defintively another interesting perspective on a what is an incredibly complex city. And, although it is not the intention of the film, it also gives us an insight into how some foreign residents perceive the city. Well worth a watch:

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

VIDEO: Quenum & Cesare vs Disorder "Just For Fun", Serialism 021

The nice people from False Manners were in São Paulo this winter and made this dreamy video clip. The visuals are a playful criss-cross of skylines and skyscrapers, tunnels and horizons. 
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