Friday, 27 September 2013

São Paulo's air pollution kills more people than car crashes

Air Pollution in São Paulo
Air Pollution in São Paulo

Unsurprsingly for such a large city, air quality is poor in São Paulo. Few, however, would have imagined that more people die of air pollution in the city than from road accidents.

The study by the Instituto Saúde e Sustentabilidade (Health and Sustainability Institute) found that in 2011 4,655 people died from pollution related illneses in São Paulo, more than three times the 1,556 who died in road accidents over the same period. To put that in context, breast cancer killed 1277 people in the same year and AIDs only 874.

Particulate pollution is running at 20 to 25 micrograms per cubic meter in the city, over 200% what is deemed safe by the World Health Organisation. Total deaths directly caused by respiratory diseases across the state of São Paulo form 2006 to 2011 total more than 100,000..

Click on the link for more statistics on São Paulo


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