Wednesday, 14 August 2013

VIDEO: Inmates caught on camera breaking out of São Paulo jail

Intriguing video footage has emerged of last Monday's jailbreak in São Paulo. Despite recent efforts to reduce communication between prisoners and criminal gangs on the outside the break was the biggest security breach in the last 5 years, with around 60 juvenile prisoners jumping the wall of their detention facility. They then climbed down adjacent trees in an escape which looked surprisingly simple.
This was definitely not the high-tech, meticulously calculated prison breaks we are used to seeing on the movie screens! And whilst journalists and photographers managed to cover the escape in real time it seems that police officers were a little slower to respond.
According to local reports some of the escaped prisoners were quickly recaptured but many have apparently managed to escape permanently.
Watch the video here:

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Sigurd said...

Not great coverage for Brazil, just one year ahead of the biggest sporting event known to man.

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