Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Urban Sketchers: Autumn in São Paulo

From dynamic cities like São Paulo, London, New York, San Francisco or Seoul, sketchers across the globe portray everyday life on Urbansketchers.org

Below are some recent sketches of São Paulo:

Avenida Paulista - São Paulo

Trianon-MASP - São Paulo

Reblogged from Urban Sketchers: Autumn in Sao Paulo

Urban Sketchers is a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering the art of on-location drawing. For more sketches from Brazil see: http://brasil.urbansketchers.org/

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Where there is a problem there is always a (Brazilian) solution...

Anyone who has tried to catch a bus in São Paulo and had the misfortune of not consulting Google Maps before embarking on their journey will know that it is near on impossible task to get any intelligible information on routes, numbers or bus times at a São Paulo bus stop. Mostly they are just metal poles cemented to the pavement which serve to flag the existence of a bus stop but not much else.

Such is the lack of readily-accessible public information around São Paulo bus routes and numbers that a grass roots movements has sprung up to take over what should otherwise be the local city council’s responsibility. “Que ônibus passa aqui” offers downloadable templates from its Facebook fanpage for you to print and paste onto your local bus stop and write up which buses pass by. Here are some pictures of local interventions:

I doubt this is the solution but it may serve as a wake up call to the local administration to label up public transport in time for the World Cup in 2014.

The fact it's happening at all is an interesting reflection on both Brazilian openness to innovation and local political ambivalence towards basic public infrastructure.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Street Art in São Paulo Part 8 - Felipe Yung

Felipe Yung is an artist / muralist from Vila Mariana in São Paulo and one of the best known names on the street art scene. Even though he is Brazilian his creations often feel more asian than latin american but always abstract enough to create intrigue. Using a lot of brushwork and presumably a lot of time he recently create a new mural in downtown on Rua Augusta.
Check out the pictures below of his latest brightly coloured piece:

Felipe Yung Rua Augusta São Paulo

Felipe Yung Rua Augusta São Paulo

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

What would São Paulo's night sky look like without light pollution?

That is the question posed and answered by Thierry Cohen's "Darkened Cities" photography project. By merging two sets of photos he recreates what would be the view from the city, if it were not producing light pollution.

The process involves taking a photograph in the countryside, verified to be at the same latitude as the city shot and using an identical camera angle in order to record the "same" sky a few hours earlier or later. Through this technique Cohen is able to show the "real" sky, the one you should be seeing if the city was not so big and wasn't emitting so much light.

The resulting photos are a powerful warning that as more and more of the world's population becomes urban, and as we lose our connection with the natural world, we become oblivious to our impact. At the same time they are a beautiful reminder of the context to which our cities, and humanity in general, belong:

São Paulo, Minhocão

São Paulo, Paulista Avenue
Hong Kong

Rio de Janeiro


New York

Thursday, 4 April 2013

VIDEO: I Charleston SP

I Charleston the World is a crowdfunded global movement which pays homage to the classic dance from the 1920´s by recording videos in various cities around the world.

The first Latin American city to be "Charlestoned" was São Paulo in January 2013 and the result is the video below which is also the official video for "Musica" by Bluebell, a Brazilian singer who was born and raised in São Paulo.

And for those that are interested below are the other cities in the world that have been "Charlestoned"

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