Thursday, 7 February 2013

Michael Najjar's Netropolis; a look at the future of megacities

Michael Najjar Netropolis: São Paulo
São Paulo by Michael Najjar
The interest in how so-called megacities will develop in the future is what fueled Michael Najjar to create Netropolis, an exploration of how informational society is changing our cities as the industrial revolution did in  the nineteenth century. 

The idea behind his art is to reflect the impact of informational density in urban space and he achieves this by overlaying different perspectives and angles of the same city over and over again. The result is fascinating nad disturbing in equal measures. In particular, we see merging cities through an abstract lens which begin to look increasingly similar between themselves. 

Above is São Paulo and below London, Paris and Tokyo

Michael Najjar Netropolis: London
London by Michael Najjar

Michael Najjar Netropolis: Paris
Paris by Michael Najjar

Michael Najjar Netropolis: Shanghai
Tokyo by Michael Najjar


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