Saturday, 22 December 2012

Street Art in São Paulo Part 7 - Nunca

Street Art São Paulo Brazil

Nunca, is one of the standout artists of the graffiti and street-art scene in São Paulo

He's been painting the city's streets since the 1990s and uses a sketching style reminiscent of old school etchings. Due to this style and his use of bright colours his works are amongst the cities most easily recognised. As he tends to produce very large high impact murals, it's difficult for his work to go unnoticed.

Below are some examples:

Street Art São Paulo Brazil
Man in a suit holds an indigenous scalp

Street Art Sao Paulo Brazil
Indigineous person watch TV amongst the rubble

He focuses on the confrontation of modern Brazil with its native past often displaying indigenous people in various scenes of interaction or conflict with contemporary culture. In his own words:

"My work centers around the changing, mixing and invasion of one kind of culture by another, and especially the interaction of old and tribal ways of living and the modern way of life"

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