Saturday, 20 October 2012

Eric Bergeri's aerial shots of São Paulo

Eric Bergeri is a São Paulo based biologist turned photographer who specialises is fashion and actions  sports. Unsurprisingly he switched his attention to skyscrapers and aerial views when he arrived to São Paulo and has taken some great shots of the city often from unusual perspectives.

Below are a series of Bergeri's photographs taken from a helicopter. In his own words:

"I wanted to shoot some photos from my seat and some others with a wide angle to get some perspective (of) the crazy lines of the tallest buildings. The main problem is that the chopper’s blades are in the frame if one shoots from the door with a wide angle. So, I designed a tool to remotely trigger the camera under the chopper..."

Smart guy. Here are the results:

Banespa building 
Copan building

Football pitch in a favel

Sé Cathedral

São Paulo skyline


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