Friday, 17 August 2012

Brazilian winters and pineapple sellers

2012, a chilling Brazilian winter

Above is the weather forecast for the next 48 hours. As you can see the Brazilian winter can be extremely gruelling, sometimes it just gets too hot!

I consider myself quite adaptable and haven't usually had too many problems in integrating myself in a foreign country. Being open minded helps but one of the most difficult parts of this is to forget some of your pre-established associations which have often been ground into your mind from childhood. They have become so ingrained it is sometimes hard to forget them. Inmy case one of these is the idea that a winter should be cold, potentially snowy with scarves and gloves and fireplaces to keep you warm. Not really the case in São Paulo or anywhere else in Brazil for that matter.

On the other hand  one of the advantages of not having been able to unlearn these associations is that you occasionally benefit from very pleasant surprises like I did the other day when I was woken up by a travelling pineapple seller:

Now that's something you don't see too often in the depths of a British winter...

ps. the pineapples were delicious.


Andrew Francis said...

It sounds like the whole country is going through a heatwave right now but that's not to say that it never gets cold in Brazil. The southern states (Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina) paticularly have freezing temperatures and some snowfall at least once throughout the winter.

Pay Lay Ale said...

There can be a few days or weeks during winter in Sao Paulo that can be chilly (40-50*F) if you're outside all day. It's even worse if you live in an uninsulated concrete house with no heating. I lived there during the apagao, so I couldn't even use an electric heater to even warm up the bedroom to go to sleep. I ended up going to the gas station, buying a couple of liters of ethanol, put an old t-shirt in a pot, poured the ethanol on it, and lit it on my bedroom so I could go to sleep. Worked like a charm for the few days I needed it.

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