Thursday, 12 July 2012

São Paulo vs Buenos Aires - The rivalry in graphics

Inspired by the hit blog Paris versus New York, a Sampa versus Buenos Aires spin off has been created by Vivian Mota which covers an illustrated vision of the rivalry between South America's two greatest cities: São Paulo and Buenos Aires.

They are good humoured, tongue in cheek comparisons of the best of both cities. You need a little background knowledge of the respective cities and their cultures but if you're lucky enough to have that you will definitely appreciate the these prints.

Below are a selection of my favourites. For those of you who have been paying attention to recent sporting events, the fourth one down is particularly topical. And if you really like them , you can even buy them on the official site.

And the winner is... Sampa, of course!!


Vic said...

"of course"?

Mark said...

2-4 surely ? Mafalda, Emapandas and alfajors are hard to beat! Not sure about the others, but I'm sure Diego would've done something sneaky and stole the victory from you !

chansara said...

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Abu Saeed said...

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