Friday, 29 June 2012

São Paulo's Top 5 Facebook check-ins

Ibirapuera Park is currently the number one check in to landmark in Sao Paulo

Facebook is well known for hoarding vast amounts of personal data and keeping it in isolation from the rest of the "free" web. Occasionally, however, it releases some aggregated data and gives us a snippet of insight.

For example, a list of  most checked in to landmarks around the world was recently released which allows us to have a quick look at where in São Paulo users are most checking in to:

Transportation hubs such as airports, train stations, and bus stations were excluded so we can presume that one of or both Guarulhos and Congoonhas airports were denied a top 5 ranking...

And whilst smartphone users who use the check in funtionality of the facebook app are not necesseraily representative of the city's population it still makes an interesting portrait of the city; parks, shopping, food, football and music. 

Those at least are the things Paulistanos want their friends to know they're doing as opposed to what they might really be doing i.e. being stuck in traffic, spending long hours at work, etc...

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