Monday, 19 March 2012

What São Paulo's metro will look like in 2030

São Paulo's metro network in 2012
Despite the size and importance of the city São Paulo has one of the youngest metros in the world, line 1 having been constructed only in 1968, with the other 4 following afterwards. It is regarded as modern by regional standards and is complemented by over 250km of suburban rail estension (CPTM) some stations of which allow transfer to the main metró network.

Nevertheless the system is simply not extensive enough for the population it aims to serve and witnesses notoriously busy rush hours so it's no surprise to hear speculation over which new lines or stations are needed and what is planned for the future.

Less common, however, is to receive an insight into what transport improvements are truly planned by local authorities. Below is São Paulo government's alleged projection of what the network should look like by 2030.

Vision of São Paulo's metro and rail network in 2030

As you can observe that's an awful lot of lines yet to be built and, as anyone familiar with timings on Brazilian projects will know, all we have to do now is wait (and hope)..

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