Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Vintage photos of São Paulo from the 1960s

Below is a selection of postcards from the 1960s which illustrate just how the city of São Paulo has changed in just 50 years. Amongst other things it gives us an insight as to why Jardins is called Jardins (gardens) and why the airport runways at Congonhas airport are so short.

São Paulo 1960s

Jardins, São Paulo 1960s

Pacaembú, São Paulo 1960s

Largo do Arouche, São Paulo 1960s

Praça da Sé, São Paulo 1960s

Congonhas airport, São Paulo 1960s


Vic said...

homens loucos

Cheap flights to Sao Paulo said...

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David said...

I love these type of photos. Everything always seems more beautiful and less real, no matter what the location. I visited SP earlier this year - fantastic experience, and will be back..

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