Monday, 13 February 2012

VIDEO: Parkour in the city of São Paulo

Parkour originated in France and is a solo pursuit so I was quite surprised to see a Parkour Academy in my neighboorhood. The training centre is called Tracer and offers classes to would be Parkour athletes. In retrospect it's a perfect fit with São Paulo's inescapably urban nature, its segregated public areas and limited open spaces.

The video below from the guys over at Canvas 24 P provides a powerful portrait of the city of São Paulo as seen from the perspective of Parkour. Well worth a watch:

SAMPARKOUR from Wiland Pinsdorf on Vimeo.


Belbs said...

Sou Paulistana com muito amor e orgulho e estou totalmente encantada com seu blog. Amei, de verdade...principalmente a parte 'cute words'. x x

Unknown said...

Valeu Belzão! Totalmente encantado que você esta curtindo o blog! Vou publicar mais alguns "cute words" daqui a pouco! ;)

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