Friday, 17 February 2012

Looking forward to 2012 Carnival in Sampa

Vai Vai performance in São Paulo in 2011
To anybody who is disappointed not to have got extortionately priced airplane tickets to Rio and a staggeringly overpriced accommodation package: Don't worry! Carnival in Sampa is going to be fun (even if it rains)!

To get you in the mood below is a video of last year's champions Vai Vai:

After being proclaimed the 2011 winner I am told the streets of Bixiga, home of the Vai Vai samba school, gave way to amazing street parties.

As for this year below is one of the warm up events to the 2012 carnival that has already happened this week. Acadêmicos do Baixo do Baixo Augusta in action:

So enjoy the days off and get involved!

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