Monday, 30 January 2012

UFOs heard (but not seen) in São Paulo

São Paulo: not popular with terrestrial tourists but a hit amongst aliens
As a mathematician and atheist I tend to help myself to large portions of skepticism whenever I hear of alien/UFO stories. And the one about UFOs (presumably controlled by aliens) visiting us here in São Paulo last week is no exception but in order not to offend any believers amongst this blog’s followers I’ll tell you what happened and you decide:

As reported by the Examiner “strange UFO sounds” were heard over the Saúde district of São Paulo on the night of the 24th January 2012. If you are unsure what the difference between a “UFO sound” and a “normal” sound is, don’t worry. The UFOs, OVNIs in Portuguese, were kind enough to avoid the use of infrasound and ultrasound so that we, human beings, could hear them and were even kind enough to allow a resident of Saúde to record them:

Tracey Perace, founder of and whose job title is “Unexplained Phenomena Examiner”, tells us that these noises have in fact been heard all over the world, are referred to as "sounds of the apocalypse" or "UFO sounds," and are causing an “international sensation” so it definitely deserves a blog post or two.

São Paulo has quite a history of UFO interactions. In 1947 José Higgins claimed to have been struck by one whilst out in a field in Bauru and more recently, in 1986, as many as 20 UFOs apparently came to visit us here in São Paulo. They were picked up by radar as well as 6 airplanes and from what I gather government officials dedicated considerable time to the matter discussing it in depth at the Ministry of Aeronautics in May 1986. 

Sadly  I was not here at the time to suggest it might have been a meteor shower or some stray lightning..

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