Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Happy birthday São Paulo

Today São Paulo is 458 years old! I never really thought about cities having birthdays until I was told that today was a day off for all Paulistanos. Since then I am very much in favour of city birthdays ;)

Just about everybody is getting in on the act and there are many bizaare activities such as collective dog walks on Avenida Paulista, the erection of temporary inflatable icebergs on city lakes, and many others but my favourite is this special edition coupon site which is offering various "bargains" priced at R$ 4,58 R$45,80 or R$458 such as these dubious chicken sticks for R$ 4,58 (2 euros):

Only 1 set of chicken sticks seem to have been sold despite this wonderful advert for the site:


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

Ha! Cool, I liked his strong "Paulistano" accent!


Unknown said...

I wonder what would happen if anybody may try to set the birthday of a European, Asian or African city. More and more proves of constructed identities. But if is a day off at work I am in!

Unknown said...

Yes Ray, I think he put it on especially, meu!

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