Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Photos of São Paulo's Cracolândia past and present

Crack user in 2005

There is an infamous area in the historical centre of São Paulo which has become known as Cracolândia, the name being derived from the fact that since the nineties crack has been openly bought, sold and consumed in open air public spaces of this centro region.

Despite efforts by the authorities to "clean up" Cracolândia and gentrify the area, there has been little notable change. Agencia Luz has some powerful black and white photographs from 1995 to present day which illustrate this.

I wanted to share some of them here as most people would not contemplate going anywhere near this part of town and although there are plenty of snapshots professional photographs are rare. [Some photos are edited to protect the identities of those pictured]

Cracolandia 1995

A consumer of crack in Cracolândia 2008

Police crackdown on Cracolândia 2005

Cracolândia 2009


Alex said...

Hi! I just began following your blog =)I'm an American planning on moving to Brazil and I enjoy your posts.

I've heard of Cracolandia for years, and it's really a shame because that area of the city has sooo much potential. From what I've read recently they are pushing huge redevelopment projects in the area, so hopefully it goes well...


Unknown said...

Welcome to the blog Alex! You'll love Brazil, trust me!

albina N muro said...

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