Friday, 25 November 2011

Today is Black Friday in Brazil, let's shop!

Everybody who’s lived here for more than 5 minutes knows that Brazilians love a bargain!

So it comes as no surprise to see that although there is no tradition or celebration of Thanksgiving Day, Brazil has still embraced the Black Friday concept and created one of its own. 

I made a similar post a few months ago about how Valentines day was adopted as a sales booster for the winter months an today I ound out Black Friday has also come to town:

The online shops have all gone “black” too:

Fnac has even stretched it out to the weekend and is calling it the “Black Edition”

I guess if they made all that effort it would simply be rude not to buy something…


Jessica said...

Ha! A salesperson here in Santos knew about it too when I went in on Thursday. I asked if HE was going to have any Black Friday deals, but he said no. :) We're heading to Av. Paulista for our first (day) trip to the Big City! I agree - it WOULD be rude not to buy something.

Unknown said...

Nice one Jessica. Hope the "Big City" was everything you were expecting and more!

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