Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Police car chases and crashes into plane suspected of illegal imports

I always tell my friends that watching the regional news in Brazil is far more exciting than it is back home.

Today's evening news highlight came from Ribeirão Preto, inner state of São Paulo. It's basically a dramatic showdown between the "Policia Federal" and suspected smugglers of electronic goods originating from neighbouring Paraguay which culminates in the police agents driving their car at speed into a suspect airplane in order to immobilise it.

Video is below courtesy of Estadão TV:

Straight out of a movie scene!


Anonymous said...

Yup that beats "Norfolk Tonight". The first few seconds reminds me of our Mexican roadtrip..

Vic said...

"Suspected smugglers". Luckily the Polícia Federal got it right. Otherwise the plane owner could be very upset! :-P

Vic said...

BTW, I just noticed the "Serial existential-migrant" :-)

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