Tuesday, 11 October 2011

São Paulo in Statistics: where are we from?

The IPEA (Institute for Applied Economic Research) just pulled demographic data from the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics). It shows where adult residents of different cities were born by federal state.

It shows that barring Brasilia, which is a new city and has a huge migrant population, São Paulo is the city with the highest proportion of adults born outside the state, 46% in total. Bahía, in the North East, is the state which contributes the most to São Paulo city's population followed by Minas Gerais and another North Eastern state Pernambuco. Interestingly, although central São Paulo feels quite multicultural, people born in foreign countries such as myself still only contribute 1% of the city's adults.

Of the remaining 54% we can assume from population growth figures that a large part were not born in the city itself either but in the surrounding towns of the state of São Paulo.

See more statistics on São Paulo here.


Mark said...

That's quite shocking, how does that compare with Rio ? Which I assume is more popular with the estrangeiros. I'm guessing there's a large part of the expat community which the IBGE can't track as they are just pretending to be on holidays or other immigration scams ;)

Unknown said...

There are a number of foreign students here but they wouldn't be included as they are not under-30. Rio I would have thought would have more foreign tourists but probably fewer expats, the former wouldn't appear on the survey either as they are not residents. Plus,there will be some illegal migrants from neighbouring countries who won't be included in the stats either. As for expats, I'm not sure what you're alluding to ;)

Unknown said...

i do agree with Mark "pretending to be on holidays or other immigration scams"

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