Thursday, 29 September 2011

Microchip operated gun shoots only from owner's hands

Mario Gazzio holding a micro chip operated gun
Mario Gazziro, shooting a prototype of his gun  (image from Folha de São Paulo)

In the film District 9 the alien “prawns” shoot weapons that work only with alien biology rendering them useless in the hands of humans. It’s a somewhat bizarre science fiction film but is apparently the inspiration for the latest research of Mario Gazzira of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP). He has developed a gun which fires only in the hands of its owner thanks to a radio detection feature similar to that used for example on the São Paulo subway system to scan passenger travel passes.

The aim is to reduce accidental and non-accidental deaths by reducing the use of guns by third parties. Here’s how it works:

(image from Folha de São Paulo)
The gun will only fire when it detects a specific and unique chip which muct be embedded in the user's finger.

 The gun has a built in sensor which enables or disables the gun depending on whether or not te radio identification is successful similar to how turnstiles work on the underground system.

For the process to work the gun owner has to undergo microsurgery, something Mario Gazzira already did approximately one year ago in order to prove the technology works.

Not sure this will significantly reduce gun crime in São Paulo but from a technological point of view it's an interesting invention.


Unknown said...

wtf... reality overcomes fiction one more time! too much for a human being like me! Holy Chip

Haru said...

But you see, if this was really put in pratice, eventualy crime would reduce, for one gun = one (and only) person... so, if you know which gun was used, you would know who shoot it!

Unknown said...

That, Haru, would depend on the bullets also being unique to every gun. Otherwise unless you left the gun behind at the crime scene you wouldn't necessarily be able to track the bullet back to the owner. It would however prevent military and police arms being recirculated amongst the civilian population providing the sensor is not easy to disable...

norhan said...

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