Friday, 9 September 2011

Make sure the elevator is there before you get in aka State Law 9502/97

The Federal states system means each Brazilian state, in this case the São Paulo state government, has specific laws and regulations. Often they're very specific, in fact there seems to be a state law to cover just about everything.

My favourite is State Law Nº 9502/97 on elevators. It basically says that all elevators installed in buildings in São Paulo must warn the user to check that the elevator is actually there before getting in:

I would have thought this would be common sense and by in large unnecessary but perhaps they got wind of the winner of the 2010 Darwin award and decided to legislate...


American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

I you live in a building for many years, you would understand the reason for this "reminder".
It becomes too much of an automated process that you don't think, the elevator door opens and the person automatically steps forward.
There has been way too many accidents of this type, that is why they do enforce the "reminder", because machines do malfunction at times.


Unknown said...

So do you reckon São Paulo has a high level of malfunctioning lifts or just a lot of people on autopilot? You would have thought it would be a leader in this area what with all the spanking new skyscrapers being built all over the place.

In either case I'm not sure a sign is much of a solution. If you are on autopilot and not looking where you're going it's safe to assume you won't stop to read the small print on the safety sign either..

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