Monday, 5 September 2011

International Brand Adaptations - Pizza Hut & Twix

The concept of sweet pizza was completely unknown to me before I arrived in São Paulo. Hawaian flavour was about as wacky as I had ever heard of and I certainly didn't expect strawberries or chocolate to be making an appearance on my pizza! But sweet pizzas are all the rage here so when you're done with your savoury ones you finish off with sweet ones. I know it sounds like a heavy duty meal and it is heavy duty but most meals are round here.

When Pizza Hut opened their Brazilian pizzerias they must have had the same surprise and they have adapted very well, offering all sort of sweet pizzas. This year they launched a winter special in partnership with Twix. I guess you know what's coming next! Yes, Twix Pizza!

Here's a rundown of the Twix/Pizzahut oferings:

Twix Breadsticks
Breadstick with a Twix stuffed inside for R$ 12,90
Twix Pizza
Self explanatory really and available for R$ 12,90
Twix Split
Twix / Ice cream and chocolate R$ 18,90

Oh and the deal struck with Mars includes M&Ms so they have an M&M Pizza too! I presume it's only a matter of time before Skittles and Starbursts make an appearance. Then again they have to draw the line somewhere, after all Whiskas is also owned by Mars...

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