Monday, 1 August 2011

Surprising item in São Paulo toilets No.1

I've mentioned helpful street items before (link) but since I arrived in São Paulo I have also come across a series of helpful but surprising items in public toilets.

Forexample when in a restaurant one day I found a cup dispenser:

It was next to the paper towels so I wasn't immediately sure what it was for until I turned around and found the mouthwash. Since then I've seen lots of public mouthwash dispensers:

Oral hygiene is obviously high on the agenda around here..


Jessica said...

Hello Pierre,
I've been lurking and reading for about a month. We live in Canada at the moment and are about to move down to Santos next month with my husband's job. I'm sure it will be a bit different than where you are, but I appreciate the tidbits of info you have been posting. Makes me a little more comfortable about the big move! I have been keeping a blog about living up here the past three years, and will start another when I get down there!

Unknown said...

Hi Jessica,

Nice to have the "lurkers" show their faces now and again :)

I've been down to Santos, it's the same state but pretty much a completely different scene down there. It's a much smaller city, right on the coast, the differences are many.

I'll try not to put any more crime figures up here before the end of th emonth so you don't get too scared lol.

Good luck with the relocation

ps. Does your husban work in the oil industry? There's a lot of oil-related development going on in Santos.

Vic said...

Oral hygiene is very important, of course, that's why you see so many fio dental (dental floss) in the beach :-P

Unknown said...

You are anticipating future DSP posts very well..

Jessica said...

Hi again - I tried responding before but apparently it didn't go through. My husband works in chemicals, not oil.
Thanks again for the posts. We'll be in Santos on the 20th!

American Heart Brazilian Soul said...

Dear Jessica,

Santos is a great city, you are gonna love it, plus it is super close to Sao Paulo and it has very easy access to the big city, all connected by very nice, safe and clean buses that will connect you directly into Sao Paulo's equally safe and clean subway.
Santos also has great quality of life, great schools, shopping and lot's to do all the time. The city is famous for it's vibrant life, full of great restaurants that serve the best fresh seafood you can find.
Please feel free to visit our blog and take a look at our blog list, there are many blogs of Americans, Canadians and people from all over the world living in Sao Paulo and even Santos that you can ask questions and they will be glad to share all they have learned so far.
Have a great trip!
You are going to love Brazil. :)


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