Friday, 26 August 2011

Street Art in São Paulo Part 4 – space invaders are here

A space invader looks out on a São Paulo wall

Invader is probably the most famous tile graffiti artist in the world. He's been "invading" cities with his invader tiles for quite a while now and has become a cult figure quite often putting the mosaics in hard to see, hard to reach and hard to remove places.

But despite having "invaded" tens of cities worldwide he had never invaded a South American city... until now! And where better than São Paulo to start the invasion! Here are a couple of ones I started spotting earlier this month on some of the streets I frequently walk on:

At first I didn't know whether this was the invader or a copycat invader but then a friend emailed me to reccommend and exhibition and I realised it was part of the De Dentro e de Fora exhibition in the MASP musem in São Paulo, so it is the invader and the invasion has officially begun - look out!

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Vic said...

Lucky you! I'd love to go to that exhibition. Here's a google map with the location of 50 space invaders

Unknown said...

Nice one Vic - we´ll hunt them down when you come over to visit, one space invader, one chopp, one space invader, one chopp...

Unknown said...

a post about invader´s brazil action

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