Monday, 8 August 2011

Poupatempos: Time saving at Timesaver Stations

São Paulo has a number of Poupatempos. The name literally means timesaver and they are multiservice governmental centres where you get to indulge in all manner of bureaucratic processes and believe me there are a lot of them out here. There are many  Poupatempos in São Paulo city all of which are officially run by São Paulo State Government.

Although I would personally prefer for their to be a less bureaucracy and the essential processes to be available online, decent internet access still doesn't reach all parts of society so there is a genuine need for presencial services. But in a city of the magnitude of São Paulo the efficiency of a presencial system is far from guaranteed. According to the official site just the Poupatempo in Praça da Sé attends approximately 200,000 processes per month and it doesn't open weekends so as you can imagine there are quite often queues. When I went this was the expected waiting times for the various services.

In case you're wondering that hours and minutes not minutes and seconds
More Perdetempo than Poupatempo more Timewaster than Timesaver, maybe they should rethink the name...


Anonymous said...

Ah... I got my work visa and residency permit today at the Police Station. Had to wait a full 20 minutes. Disgraceful! ;) Although I do have to go back next week to get it ratified into my passport, so I can have free movement in and out of the country.
The police station is very close to me in Shanghai, and next door is a small streetside shop selling massive stacked heaps of Sandia. A medium sized one costs £2. A juicer is top of my shopping list.
ate logo.. S

Unknown said...

So you live next to a police station - is that a good thing or a bad thing? I have also just invested in a juicer, tropical fruits are go! :)

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