Friday, 12 August 2011

In-flight USB hubs on Avianca´s Airbus A319

São Paulo has many airlines providing domestic flights to numerous other Brazilian cities; Azul, Webjet, Gol, Avianca etc. These are not well known outside Brazil as they have a fleet of relatively small jets and only do short haul flights much like Easyjet and Ryanair back in Europe. In fact being well used to Ryanair and having once vowed never to fly Ryanair again I was pleasantly surprised last week when I boarded an Avianca A319 domestic flight from São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and found an excellent onboard service and cutting edge cabin fittings: cup-holder, remote control, individual tv screens, coat hook, adjustable head support, retractable arm rests etc. But the most useful feature which I don’t normally see even on long haul intercontinental flights was the in-flight USB hub for each passenger:

Now Ryanair has never given me a complimentary hot sandwich or a the courtesy drink like Avianca did so I guess I can forget about asking them for a USB port...

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