Monday, 29 August 2011

Beauty Pageants in São Paulo

On the 12th September São Paulo will host the Miss Universe contest and the particpants are already here lapping up the city's cultural delights. This weekend they were having a flutter at the races for example:

Miss Universe Candidates at the Jockey Club in São Paulo

Most of us know that beauty contests in this part of the world are a comparatively popular event but earlier this month São Paulo hosted one that surprised me on a number of counts:

1. It was publicy funded and officially organised by the state of São Paulo government
2. It included categories such as: Mister Sorriso (best smile), Mister Timidez (shyness), ou Mister Elegância (elegance) as well as the obligatory Mr Belleza (beauty)
3. It was for retired pensioners only

I´ve never heard of an over-60 beauty contest and definitely not a state-sponsored one but here are the photos of the 2011 winners to prove it:

Sérgio Cardoso, São Paulo's best looking old man. Eutálio Francisco de Lima, 65 (Mister Beleza), Laudemiro Ribeiro de Souza, 63 (Mister Elegância), Basílio Sibove, 72 (Mister Simpatia), Cléber Gomes, 61 (Mister Sorriso) and Pedro Dutra, 90 (Mister Timidez)
And if you're wondering who the jury was, it was made up of "third age" Miss São Paulos from the previous four years...


Anonymous said...
hey P, check out her hometown. Great name.

Although my vote goes to...
douze points!


Unknown said...

It's a long long way from Flic en Flac to São Paulo.

Dad - if you're reading this you know who to cheer for in this year's competition!!

Becky said...

I'm not surprised that different kinds of beauty pageants come from this side of the globe. People can't seem to get enough! I like the idea of a senior beauty pageant, though.

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