Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Great photos on Folha's sport section

I always look forward to reading the Folha de São Paulo's sport section and it's partly because it always has a great front page photo + caption combo. Here's a couple of recent ones I liked:

São Paulo crashing out of the Copa do Brasil

Neymar taking the headlines again as Santos wins the Paulistão


Unknown said...

Sao Paulo rules! Which ones are the most selled newspapers over there? General information, sports, religion? Do they have a traffic section on them

Unknown said...

Well, as you know my terrain is more online than offline but the top 4 papers, unsurprisingly come from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. In order of size: Folha de São Paulo (SP), O Globo (RJ), O Dia (RJ) and O Estado de São Paulo (SP)

One thing I found interesting and unusual is that there are no national newspapers, only regional ones although of course the above 4 can be found outside of RJ and SP...

Unknown said...

It´s very interesting info mate, altough they are an sport´s crazy country the most selled papers are about general information. Besides i found out there are 4 quite big papers published for some minories. All of them in SP

Comunità Italiana; Italian
Brasil-Post; German
Nikkey Brasil; Japanese
São Paulo - Shinbun; Japanese

One more reason to know such an amazing city!

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