Saturday, 11 June 2011

Socks and sandals, a uniquely British faux pas?

If I ask you who São Paulo Alpargatas are, you´ll probably come back to me with a blank. If I tell you it’s a company that makes footwear, you´ll probably come back to me with a blank again. But if I tell you that their main product is “Havaianas” I’m sure you´ll know what I’m talking about. The brand has boomed over the last decade or so and whilst in Brazil they can proudly claim that 2 out of every 3 Brazilians will repurchase a set of Havaianas at some point during any 12 month period, their success has also spread overseas rapidly and it’s quite common to see the trademark Brazilian flag popping up on flip flops the world over. Amazingly all of them are produced from one factory in Campina Grande which churns them out at a rate of 5 per second!

Not far from my flat there is one of the many official Havaianas outlets although in São Paulo Havaianas are easily found elsewhere in shopping malls and even supermarkets. What surprised me in the official shop though was the selling of new winter accessories. Up until this moment I had always thought wearing socks with sandals was a Northern European holidaying phenomena and was to be frowned upon by anyone with a remote sense of fashion or style. But look at this:

And before you say, yes but nobody will actually wear them, look at this:

Socks and sandals is bad but surely socks and flip flops is even worse! It must be the cold winter weather


IsaacRiquelme said...

well i use to wear flip flops and socks (i´m actually wearing them right now). So there is one thing the UK did not invented, lol. Anyway, as you said, there is a big difference between sandals & socks and flip flops and socks. First them are a way of wear, second is a clear example of casual cool wearing

Pierre Larose said...

Casual cool? Isaac, please send me a photo of your socks and flip flops... lol

IsaacRiquelme said...

wearing them again in the moment im reading your post!! What can i say, what can i do if i born cool no matter what i wear!

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