Saturday, 4 June 2011

International brand adaptations: Zara, Burger King and Brasilwagen

When you move to a new country it's always interesting to see how international brands adapt to the local market. I had lunch with a fellow marketeer this week and he told me that Zara (which you won't find on the high street, only in São Paulo's more upmarket and select shopping malls) had to raise prices for the Brazilian market in order to increase desirability amongst middle to high class shoppers and drive sales. It made me smile because it's the exact opposite positioning it has in its home country Spain where it is an affordable, accessible, mass market, high street retailer.

Below are some more obvious examples which I have stumbled across whilst trekking through the southern neighbourhoods Moema, Itaim and Vila Olimpia:

Burgers on the terrace: BK being meteorologically aware
Yes, I did a doubletake too.


S said...

The VW factory where they still build the classic old style campervan is just outside SP..
Ps = R U Dancing?

Unknown said...

Really? I didn't know that. Want to be a co-author? lol
ps. I most certainly AM dancing. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

Pare de falar besteira, Brasilwagen é apenas o nome da concessionária e não uma adaptação!

Unknown said...

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