Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Cute Words in Brazilian Portuguese Part 2

Here are three of my new favourite words each which caught me unaware when I first heard them, I'm sure fellow expats in Brazil will connect with these:

The Number 6
Six is pretty cool because it has 2 names: "seis" which is similar to Spanish and "meia" which means "half" or "sock". At first it can get pretty confusing when you're not used to it. If you want to say, you want six coffees you would order "seis cafés" which is fine but if you have a six in your phone number (e.g. 65726321 you would effectively say: sock five seven two sock three two one or half five seven two half three two one!

Then again if you wanted to meet at 06:30 you would say "seis e meia" but then "meia" would be half not sock or six which is "seis" Get it?

Maybe it's just me but if you have a visual mind you will love this one too. SMS just like six has multiple names too. And one of the most common is "torpedo" which is a general term for either SMS or MMS. I just love the idea of sending someone a torpedo although the first time my operator told me they were about to send me a torpedo I did find it mildly troubling :)

If you want to try you can fire away for free here:

The Last Drink
Anytime I am with a Brazilian and he/she is about to go home they always convince themselves to have on more drink which inevitably turns out not to be the last drink at all because they get stuck in a loop and again convince themselve to have a last drink. I guess this must be quite common because the last drink even has a name of it´s own which is "saideira".

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Rosita Tavares said...

Hi Dear,

I a Brazilian and I loved your posts and comments about SP, my favourite one is about "cute words in Brazilian Portuguese", so if you need any help with portuguese please let me know... I'm going to follow your blog.


Unknown said...

Send me a torpedo for having meia sadeiras tomorrow

Unknown said...

discovering madrid at the moment!

Unknown said...

Pleased to have you as a follower Rosa! My Portuguese definitely needs desperate help lol but I'll keep posting my new language discoveries! Glad, you're enjoying them!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Poliglota said...

You probably got this by now, but "meia" is actually short to to "meia-dúzia" (half-dozen) which, on it's turn, is often used when shopping on farmer markets, etc.

Pay Lay Ale said...

What I always laughed at was how much they used the diminutive form -(z)inho,-(z)inha. They find any excuse they can to use it.

Another thing that happened quite a bit, is you'd be having a conversation with someone, in Portuguese, and all of the sudden out of the blue they ask if you speak Portuguese.

Umm, what language have I been speaking to you in? I know they understood what I was saying because they were answering my questions.

Marcel Defensor said...

One explanation: in a sequence of numbers we say "meia" because it means "half-dozen", e we speak so to distinguish the pronounce to the word "três" (three), which we pronounce "treis", getting very similar to "seis", if we speak too fast.

"Torpedo" was the name of Telesp Celular's sms service (a telephone company now called Vivo).

And Pay Lay, I guess people asks this to you because you "think" you speak a fluent portuguese. :)

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