Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Country Scenes in the City: Avocado Picking

São Paulo state is one of the main abacate (Portuguese for avocado) producing state in Brasil and has extensive plantations of abacateiros (abacate producing trees) in the countryside. What about the city though?

Last weekend I stumbled across 2 cheerful avocado pickers in central São Paulo. They quickly identified a large abacateiro growing in the corner of the Cemitério São Paulo (São Paulo cemetery) and whose branches extends out over the busy Rua Cardeal Arcoverde. And armed with a long pole and a cardboard box they began harvesting. Here’s the video:

It seems that even in the largest of metropolises, country habits die hard. 

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Unknown said...

Avocado is the best fruit among all. But i have never tried ´em electric fried. Sounds like scotish´s deep fried mars bars

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