Friday, 24 June 2011

Blind-friendly bank notes

Last time I was first in Brazil, there were two versions of the R$10 bank note in circulation, one was plastic and one paper. I was a big fan of the plastic one as it was handy to take to the beach (actually it was washing machine proof as well) so I was disappointed to see it has disappeared. Here´s a picture for old times sake:

Plastic 10R$ special edition note commemorating Brazil’s 500th anniversary
However, 8 years on in 2011, I occasionally get my hands on one of the “new” notes which were introduced earlier this year and although still hard to find they will slowly replace the old currency. As you might expect they have a host of new security features and built-in forgery prevention methods but what surprised me something else.

Comparatively speaking Brazil seems to make a huge effort in providing dedicated services to disabled people whether it be dedicated ramps at fast food outlets, express queues at the bank or reserved seats on the metro. And the new banknotes are no exception, each has embossed lettering to allow blind people to read them and the size has been redesigned so that it is corresponds to the amount of money in question again making them easier to identify for the visually impaired.

So even though aesthetically they’re quite boring and the imagery is by in large the same as he old ones, I still like to receive them, it's just a shame I can't put them in the washing machine anymore..

New vs old: front
New vs old: back

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