Monday, 13 June 2011

12th June, Valentines Day & the mother of all marketing coups

Today is the 13th June which is Santo António's day. He was associated with marriage and that's why yesterday was Valentine's day or dia dos namorados here in Brazil.

Previous to 1949 there was no such day in Brasil but the marketeer and shopkeeper João Dória decided that creating a Valentines Day similar to that which is celebrated in the Northern hemisphere would be a good way of generating business in an otherwise dull month of June (Brazilian winter). Santo António was the perfect excuse so he decided the day before would be dia dos namorados.

Th eoriginal message Dória put on his shop window was. “Não é só de beijos que se prova o amor” (You don't show your love only through kisses) i.e. Buy, buy, buy which is exactly what happens nowadays and the 12th June is now the 3rd best day for Brazilian commerce only behind Christmas and Mother's Day

So when people complain that dia dos namorados is all too commercial these days, that's not completely true. It was never anything else but a clever marketing ploy to boost winter sales in June.. and it works, this year sales were up 8,6% against the same day last year and 6% in São Paulo!

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Unknown said...

We also have some love stuff today in madrid so profitable (just conected with pins) but still conecting love and june 13th.
I´ve been making some fun of the british concept of "overseas" last weekend!

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